Focus and Scope

The International Journal of Education, Management, and Technology (IJEMT) is a scholarly publication dedicated to exploring the intersections and integration of education, management, and technology in various contexts. The journal welcomes original research articles, literature reviews, case studies, and theoretical papers that contribute to the advancement of knowledge and practices in the following areas:

  1. Educational Leadership and Management: Research on educational leadership theories, management practices, organizational development, strategic planning, decision-making processes, and governance structures in educational institutions.

  2. Curriculum Development and Instructional Design: Exploration of curriculum design models, pedagogical approaches, instructional strategies, assessment methods, learning technologies, and innovative teaching practices to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

  3. Educational Technology and Digital Learning: Studies on educational technology integration, digital learning environments, online learning platforms, e-learning tools, learning management systems, mobile learning, and virtual reality applications in education.

  4. Teacher Professional Development: Research on teacher training programs, professional learning communities, mentoring, coaching, continuous professional development, teacher efficacy, and the use of technology for teacher empowerment and capacity building.

  5. Quality Assurance and Accreditation: Examination of quality assurance frameworks, accreditation standards, program evaluations, quality improvement processes, performance indicators, and benchmarking in education management.

  6. Distance Education and Lifelong Learning: Analysis of distance learning models, open educational resources, flexible learning pathways, adult education, lifelong learning initiatives, and strategies for promoting inclusive and equitable access to education.

  7. Educational Policy and Reform: Studies on educational policies, reforms, regulations, funding mechanisms, accountability measures, policy analysis, policy implementation challenges, and the impact of policy changes on educational institutions and stakeholders.

  8. Technology Management in Education: Research on technology infrastructure management, IT governance, data management, cybersecurity, digital literacy initiatives, technology adoption models, and the role of technology in enhancing administrative efficiency and educational outcomes.

IJEMT aims to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue, promote evidence-based practices, and address contemporary issues and challenges in education, management, and technology integration. The journal seeks to engage educators, researchers, policymakers, technology professionals, and stakeholders to contribute to the continuous improvement and innovation in educational systems and practices globally.