Focus and Scope

TSAQOFAH: Jurnal Penelitian Guru Indonesia is a scholarly journal dedicated to publishing research related to Indonesian teachers. The journal's focus and scope include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Teacher Professional Development: The journal welcomes research on various aspects of teacher professional development, including training programs, mentoring, continuous learning, and career advancement opportunities for Indonesian teachers.

  2. Teaching Strategies and Pedagogical Innovations: "TSAQOFAH" supports research on effective teaching strategies, innovative pedagogical approaches, and classroom practices that enhance student learning outcomes. This includes studies on differentiated instruction, technology integration, and inclusive education.

  3. Curriculum Development and Implementation: Articles in the journal may address curriculum design, alignment with national educational standards, and strategies for implementing curriculum reforms in Indonesian schools. This includes research on subject-specific curricula and interdisciplinary approaches.

  4. Teacher Competencies and Beliefs: The journal covers topics related to teacher competencies, beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions that influence teaching practices and student engagement. This includes studies on teacher efficacy, motivation, and professional identity.

  5. Assessment and Evaluation in Education: "TSAQOFAH" welcomes research on assessment practices, evaluation methods, and strategies for measuring student learning outcomes. This includes discussions on formative assessment, summative assessment, and standardized testing.

  6. School Leadership and Management: The journal supports discussions on school leadership, educational management, and organizational practices that impact teaching and learning in Indonesian schools. This includes research on school improvement initiatives, leadership styles, and teacher-administrator collaboration.

  7. Educational Policies and Reforms: "TSAQOFAH" encourages studies on educational policies, reforms, and initiatives at the national, regional, and local levels in Indonesia. This includes analyses of policy implementation, challenges, and the impact on teachers and students.

  8. Teacher Well-being and Professional Support: Articles may address the well-being of teachers, professional support systems, work-life balance, and strategies for promoting teacher resilience and job satisfaction in the Indonesian educational context.

TSAQOFAH: Jurnal Penelitian Guru Indonesia aims to contribute to the advancement of teacher research, pedagogy, and educational policies in Indonesia by providing a platform for scholarly discussions, empirical studies, and theoretical insights relevant to Indonesian teachers and their professional development.