Rendahnya Motivasi Belajar Matematika Siswa Kelas VC SDN 34/1 Teratai

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Irsyad Maulana
Leoni Putri Metriani
Yesi Desria
Gadis Oktavia
Putri Lisa Melia Gultom


Educational goals will be achieved with quality learning. To improve the quality of learning requires efforts to achieve it. There are various subjects that can improve the quality of education at every level of formal education, namely mathematics. Mathematics is a subject that is related to arithmetic and concrete or abstract thinking. The purpose of this writing is to analyze the application of problem-based learning models to increase the motivation to learn mathematics in fifth grade elementary school students. The type of research used is Classroom Action Research at SD Negeri 34/I Teratai. The results obtained for the motivation of students in SDN 34/I Teratai, especially the VC class can be classified as having a low level of motivation in mathematics. This low motivation can be caused by the low motivation to study in class VC SDN 34/I Teratai. The conclusion from this research is to increase the learning motivation of students, an effort is needed, for example, by using a learning model that is appropriate to the learning material. The material for netting cubes and blocks can be done by applying the PBL learning model which is based on problems and students are asked to solve these problems with the assistance of the teacher as a facilitator.

Mathematics; Motivation; PBL

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Maulana, I., Metriani, L. P., Desria, Y., Oktavia, G., & Gultom, P. L. M. (2023). Rendahnya Motivasi Belajar Matematika Siswa Kelas VC SDN 34/1 Teratai. TSAQOFAH, 3(4), 539-546.