Model Kepemimpinan Profetik KH. Ahmad Dahlan dalam Pendidikan Islam

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Oktri Pamungkas
Shifa Diarsi
Muhammad Supandi


Ahmad Dahlan is one of the figures who brought changes in Islamic education to a better direction. Of course, this success cannot be separated from his leadership model which makes the Prophet Muhammad his role model in becoming a leader. He internalizes prophetic leadership in his thoughts and actions. Prophetic leadership is a leadership paradigm that refers to the concept of leadership of the prophets. This study uses a literature review method to discuss the idea of prophetic leadership in terms of humanization, liberation, and transcendence of the KH figure. Ahmad Dahlan in Islamic Education.

Prophetic Leadership; KH. Ahmad Dahlan; Islamic Education

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Pamungkas, O., Diarsi, S., & Supandi, M. (2021). Model Kepemimpinan Profetik KH. Ahmad Dahlan dalam Pendidikan Islam. MASALIQ, 1(3), 87-103.

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