Smiley face(p-ISSN: 2809-4484 and e-ISSN: 2809-4093) has been published in Vol. 3 No. 4, Agustus 2023. Our hope with the publication of this journal can help readers to provide insight, ideas, references, in the development Management and Elementary Education. ARZUSIN journal has been indexed by Harvard University, Boston UniversityDimensions, Scilit, Crossref, Web of ScienceGarudaGoogle Scholar, and Base.

Smiley faceThis journal was published by Lembaga Yasin alSys which was published six times a year, February, April, June, August, October and December with a minimum of 5 articles. The journal aims to provide a forum for scholarly understanding of the field of education and plays an important role in promoting the process that accumulated knowledge, values, and skills. Scientific manuscript dealing with education, and science topics are particularly welcome to be submitted. The journal encompasses research articles, original research report, and scientific reviews in education in any fields including: 

  1. Islamic Education Management Science
  2. Issues of Education Management in Schools, Madrasah or Pesantren
  3. Improving the Quality of Education in Schools, Madrasah or Pesantren
  4. Media and Learning Resources in Islamic Education Management
  5. Al-Qur'an and Hadits Based Islamic Education Management
  6. History of Islamic Education Management
  7. Learning Models and Methods
  8. Learning Evaluation
  9. Learning Strategies

Editorial Team invites academics, lecturers and researchers to contribute according to the scope above. Articles can be submitted online, by registering as a author (Online Submissions). Every article that goes to the editorial staff will be selected through Peer Review Processes. This journal is an open access journal which means that all freely available content is used. Users are permitted to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or cite to the full text of the article, or use it for other legitimate purposes, without asking permission from the publisher or author.


Vol 3 No 5 (2023): OKTOBER

ARZUSIN : Jurnal Manajemen dan Pendidikan Dasar says thank you to all authors from various campuses:

  1. Universitas Negeri Padang
  2. Universitas Dharmas Indonesia
  3. Universitas Riau
  4. UIN Sumatera Utara Medan
  5. UIN Sjech M. Djamil Djambek Bukittinggi

Published: 2023-10-01

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Rancang Bangun Circulating System Water Heater dengan Sumber Panas Solar Cell

Romario Van Harpen1, Purwantono Purwantono2, Budi Syahri3, Rizky Ema Wulansari4


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