Focus and Scope

ANWARUL: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Dakwah is a scholarly journal dedicated to the exploration and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of education and Islamic propagation (dakwah). The journal's focus and scope include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Islamic Education and Pedagogy: The journal welcomes articles that discuss innovative pedagogical practices, curriculum development, and teaching methodologies in Islamic education. This includes research on the integration of Islamic values, teachings, and ethics into educational practices.

  2. Islamic Propagation (Dakwah) Strategies: "ANWARUL" encourages research on effective methods and strategies for Islamic propagation, including preaching, outreach programs, media campaigns, and community engagement initiatives aimed at promoting Islamic teachings and values.

  3. Islamic Studies in Education: The journal covers topics related to Islamic studies within educational contexts, such as Islamic philosophy, theology, jurisprudence (fiqh), and spirituality. Articles may explore how these topics are taught and understood in educational settings.

  4. Character Development and Moral Education: "ANWARUL" supports research on character development, moral education, and ethical principles from an Islamic perspective. This includes discussions on virtues, ethics, and the cultivation of good conduct among students and society.

  5. Islamic Ethics and Social Justice: Articles in the journal may address issues of social justice, human rights, and ethical concerns from an Islamic ethical framework. This includes discussions on social responsibility, equality, and fairness in educational and societal contexts.

  6. Islamic Teacher Training and Professional Development: "ANWARUL" welcomes studies on the training, professional development, and challenges faced by educators involved in Islamic education and dakwah. This may include topics such as teacher preparation programs, pedagogical skills, and curriculum design.

  7. Interfaith Dialogue and Understanding: The journal supports research on interfaith dialogue, religious tolerance, and cooperation among people of different faiths within the context of Islamic education and dakwah efforts. This includes promoting understanding and peaceful coexistence in diverse communities.

ANWARUL: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Dakwah aims to promote scholarly discourse, theoretical advancements, and empirical research that contribute to the enhancement of Islamic education, dakwah strategies, and the dissemination of Islamic teachings in contemporary educational and societal settings.