Pendidikan Anak dalam Perspektif Hadist

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Nila Nila
Wiwik Indriani
Siti Nurjanah


Education is the process shaping of personality of a Muslim, from infancy to the childhood, an important factor in the existence of a civilization, along with the development of times like today through correct education, the progress of a nation will be achieved. On the other hand, children are the next generation of the people. In Islam, the importance of children's education should get better attention. Islam has educational methods and facilities that are very influential in the formation of children's morals and morals, in the formation of knowledge, mental and social. So that children can achieve the characteristics of their perfection. The purpose of education is to get closer to Allah, the happiness of the hereafter and the creature development of potential, humans are who have the potential to believe and are based on the true religion that comes from Allah, found in the Al- Qur' an and Hadith This potential is known as fitrah. Educational methods that are influential in the formation of children's education according to Abdullah Nashih Ulwan are: Educating by example, educating with habits, educating with advice, educating with attention / supervision and educating with punishment

Education; Children; Hadist

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