Term Ilmu Mukhtalif Al-Hadis dan Analisis Nilai-nilai Pendidikan Didalamnya

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Lalu Abdurrahman Wahid


This article discusses the term mukhtalifu al-hadist science. This study uses library research. This article aims to elaborate on the essence of the term mukhtalafu al-hadisth and analyze the educational values that exist in it. The results of this study are that to find legal conclusions from contradictory hadiths, several aspects are needed, namely ulama' who are qualified in this field and mastery of the methods and steps taken in finding common ground from contradictory hadiths. From some of these points, there are educational values that need to be considered by education as well as scholars' in achieving success in formulating an epistemology of solving the contradictory hadith problems, namely to achieve educational goals, innovative professional teachers are needed accompanied by spiritual and moral maturity, then mastery of evaluation and learning methods.

Ilmu Mukhtalifu Al-Hadist; Ducational Value; Teacher Professionalism

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