Narasi Kepribadian Nabi Muhammad Saw sebagai Teladan pada Buku SKI Tingkat MI/SD

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Abdul Gani Jamora Nasution
Alifia Bilqish
Abdal Rizky Munthe
Nabila Suhaila Lubis


Prophet Muhammad SAW which for Muslims, he is a symbol of a good personality that Muslims should emulate wherever they are.  Rasulullah SAW must be used as a role model and a good example for all his people, the figure of Prophet Muhammad SAW is a figure who has a good personality. The Prophet Muhammad SAW besides having an honest attitude (Arabic: Shiddiq), also has the characteristics of Amanah (Trustworthy),Tabligh (Conveying), and Fathonah (Smart).This research uses a qualitative approach with an analytical descriptive method.  The analytical-descriptive method is an attempt to describe, analyze and explain the results of the research. The purpose of the analytical-descriptive research is to awaken the younger generation to cultivate honest behavior in words through Islamic cultural history education in elementary-age children at the MI/SD level. For this reason, data checking in this study was carried out using reference materials. The Prophet Muhammad SAW was a human figure who had great morals and noble character.  The noble personality of the Prophet Muhammad SAW is of course a blessing for those who understand, emulate him, and live it in their daily lives.

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Nasution, A. G. J., Bilqish, A., Munthe, A. R., & Lubis, N. S. (2023). Narasi Kepribadian Nabi Muhammad Saw sebagai Teladan pada Buku SKI Tingkat MI/SD. Al-DYAS, 2(1), 30-36.

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